PsGet News #1: features, new modules, challenges

Some new features:

  1. Install-Module now has default alias inmo, inmo posh-git will do the job
  2. Install-Module now supports tab completion, try inmo posh<Tab> , watch slow motion video.

Sidenote: to update PsGet itslef, execute install-module psget -force. PsGet is also on PsGet :).

Some new modules:

  1. Find-String , more details from author
  2. Send-Growl, growl is notification system, if you have it installed you can now use this module to post notifications easy
  3. pswatch, cmdlet continuously monitors a directory tree and write to the output the path of the file that has changed.

New challenges:

  1. Some interesting modules are hosted on CodePlex (e.g. PowerTab, PSCX). Unfortunately, CodePlex does not provide direct links to download this modules. There is no clear solution for this issue except to host compiled versions of this modules directly in PsGet repository. This is something we discuss now.
  2. TabExpansion, Prompt this stuff could conflict in some modules. For example, try install posh-git and posh-hg, you will need to fix issues manually. I added ticket to resolve this stuff.

In news:

  1. Haacked - Better Git with PowerShell
  2. Scott Muc - Adopting PsGet for Powershell Module Management
  3. José F. Romaniello - Continuous Testing scripts with Growl
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