Web-related development tools I used in 2011

Client side web is quite new for me. Last year was interesting in this area. Let me list some tools:

Bootstrap, from Twitter - this is killer. You add link to precompiled CSS file in your page and it starts look just well. For utility sites where you do not want to spend time on design this is mast have. Another related project, jQuery UI Bootstrap, adds Bootstrap look and feel to jQuery UI.

Knockout - magic toolkit that brings MVVM for you. As for me too much magic. But overall is very nice. Thanks to Roman Gomolko for introduction. Also some people suggested that Backbone.js is similar but with less magic, so this is something I will try this year. Another library I need to try is RxJS.

CoffeScript - nice syntax sugar for JavaScript, write less. However I wouldn’t try if integration to Visual Studio exists. Mindscape Web Workbench - extension that provides syntax highlighting and what is more useful, compilation to JavaScript when you press Ctrl+S (it uses code generator). So technically you add foo.coffee file and then reference foo.js, very frictionless.

ReSharper JavaScript. Few years ago I decided to go with GWT, just because maintanance large JavaScript application was nightmare. Now I am slowly change my mind and JavaScript support in ReSharper is one of the best helpers on this journey :). Unfortunately, it does not support CoffeeScript :(. Anyway, this is example how tool can change your mind about another tool.

WCF Web API - next generation of WCF that will make HTTP stuff more user friendly. It quite unstable(it’s preview version), also Glen Block is not on it anymore, so I cannot say that everything is light. However I really like it and use it in some of my pet projects with success.

ELMAH - have to point this tool, but I do not really like it. First of all it look like alien in ASP.NET MVC world (fix). Second it is not useful. There is no daily digest, no filter on UI, no grouping or another stuff that could help to analyze errors. This is another time I am thinking about another pet project.

And of course JQuery with many small JQuery plugins.

Something like this…

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