Where do we keep our application configuration settings?

In code.

Precisely this is not true. We have single configuration setting. This is environment name where code will work (e.g. Local, Staging, Live). Everything else is configured in code based on environment name, machine name and sometimes on phase of the moon.

What we do when some reconfiguration needed? We redeploy application. 8 minutes and we are live (my bad btw, we need to optimize this, 8 minutes is huge time, especially in some sorts of fackups).

One of the huge benefits (and why I write this post now) is that you can always take your app and execute in any other host. For example right now application works in console exe to fix some data with our domain model.

Жартома ми називаємо цей стиль “гопники”. Я точно не знаю як це перекласти. Мені подобається.

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