PsGet got its very own central directory

There are two good news. First of all, full install of the PsGet can now look like:

(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("") | iex

I also thinking to replace with something like With its own name it should look more trusted to install.

Second and much more notable is actually the fact that PsGet now supports simple central directory of the modules. Of course, for now it almost empty. But I will try to fill it with some intersting modules. So what we have…

To install a PowerShell environment for Git from execute

install-module posh-git

To install psake, a build automation tool… now with less XML…

install-module psake

To install poshcode utilities from

install-module poshcode

Does it look nice? I hope so :) You can also search for modules. Wildcards are supported:

 Get-PsGetModuleInfo ps* | format-list

Btw, right now is good time to start suggesting modules you want to see in directory.

P.S. Also I am thinking about short alias for install-module (e.g. install or psget or .. )

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